An Oil Painting of Your Companion Animal is Forever

Susan Becker, Golden, Colorado USA

Custom Animal Portraits


What Pet Lovers Say

"I love the painting of my Spaniel.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Lisa H, Denver, Co

“I am marveling at your ability to capture my Giant Continental Rabbit “Bea” so accurately.  Positively amazing.”  Heather F, Denver, Co

“We know we will love and cherish our painting forever.  You are an amazing artist.  Thank You!!  Chris S, Golden, Co

“I want to thank you for the beautiful painting of my Collie and how happy it makes me every time I walk by it.  Love the colors you chose and how you captured his expression!  It is perfect on every level. So many thanks for sharing your talent and giving us a lifetime of happiness every time we look at our beloved Finn.   Best to you and many thanks!  Karey F,  Florida

“We continue to LOVE your beautiful painting of our dog. You really captured her so deeply.”  Lynn S, Arvada, Colorado

“Thank you so much for the great job you did on “Daisy’s” portrait!  It was a tremendous hit. My wife loved the painting and we will all enjoy it in our home for many years to come. Thank you so much for helping us pull this surprise off.”    Rob P, Seven Fields, PA

“Thank you for my portrait of “Romeo” which is amazingly like him and very alive with his spirit.  You did a fabulous job and you are quite the professional.  I am very impressed with your style and work.  And thank you for getting my painting done in such a timely manner.”  R. Stanford, Boulder, Co

“When my husband saw his surprise oil portrait, he was astonished with tears in his eyes.  He couldn't get over how you not only captured “Sherlock's” look, but “Sherlock's” very essence. It was a total surprise.  I had the Happy Birthday Card you made of the painting sitting up on our piano which he loved and then he went to your website and saw “Sherlock” there. This oil portrait is a huge success and already a prized and cherished possession.”   Becki B., Fort Worth, Texas.

“This pencil drawing is SO much our dog and my husband will be one happy man on Father’s Day.  Beautiful.”  Mary Jo W., Golden, Co

“I love my painting of “Barley”.  I keep telling everyone that it’s the best $500 I’ve ever spent. other than saving his life.  Barley has a spirit and an energy that I thought couldn’t be captured in a painting, but it’s HIM.  I look at his canvas numerous times during the day and always smile.  It really does warm my heart.  I didn’t think I could love him any more than I already do, but the painting really makes me appreciate how much he loves me unconditionally.  I can’t thank you enough for giving that gift to me.”   C. Cooper, Denver, Co

 “The painting of my collie “Ian” just arrived and I can’t stop looking at it.  It’s beautiful, so rich and full.  Thank you.”   C. Doleshek, Southport, Florida

“Your tender rendition of our “Pepper” has helped us feel more at peace and moved our healing process along.  We will treasure this portrait always.”   Sarah A., Evergreen, Co

“The portrait of my Mom’s little poodle “Lucy” is absolutely adorable.”   Nicole R., Chicago, Ill

“This oil painting brought tears to my eyes when I opened it at Christmas.  Your brushstrokes captured “Ginger’s” personality perfectly.” Michael D., Golden, Co

“With great anticipation I tore open the box to greet our new painting you so lovingly did of our spunky funny girlie puppy dog, our Cairn Terrier “Cokie.”  You captured her precious personality and we love that we chose you to paint her.  She will soon be framed to forever be with us, even after she’s gone.  What a wonderful painting.  Thank you.”    Patty F., McAllen, Tx

“Thank you for creating such an exceptional painting of “Sam.”  You did a beautiful job of bringing his warm personality, charm and playfulness to life.  Feel free to use us as a reference and know that we’ll be telling our friends and neighbors about your work.”    Steve C., Evergreen, Co

“Your painting makes me cry because you captured my “Weatherby” so well. He was a sweet and sensitive soul.   The painting is perfect.  Thank you and I lOVE it.”    K. Dennis, Golden, Co

“Mom will love these paintings. My husband says you captured “Annie’s” worried look perfectly and says this portrait of puppy “Nigel” is going to make his Dad cry, even though it’s for his Mom.”  Later:  “The grandparents loved the painting, absolutely loved it.”    Dana H., Arvada, Co

“I just can’t put into words how much I love this portrait of our Cocker Spaniel “Jasmine.”  You did such a beautiful job capturing her bouncy spirit.  The colors are fabulous.”   Jane J., Arvada, Co

“I just got the drawing home from the framer and it looks great.  My daughter will open it tomorrow and I can’t wait to see her reaction.”   Later:  “When my daughter opened this present at Christmas, she started to cry.  You really captured the essence of her dog “Izzy” perfectly.”     L. Chatfield, Colorado Springs, Co

“It is beautiful.  I would not change a thing.   You do amazing work and pictured the true spirit of “Moses” on canvas.  Thanks so very much.”   L. McCallum     Friends Rescued Animal Network

“I want to thank you for the gorgeous painting of my daughter and our mare.  It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.  You did an excellent job of capturing all the special qualities I love in them both and you have made their inner beauty shine through, which I truly “feel” every time I see the painting.  I love it.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  MF Marchase, Lakewood, Co

“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my pet portraits.  We will treasure these lasting tributes to our kitties and we look forward to displaying the paintings in our new home.”    M. Johnson, Evergreen, Co

“I miss my horse “Princess” greatly but your portrait is most treasured as each viewing brings forth a flood of happy memories.”     B. Gautier, Milledgewille, Ga