An Oil Painting of Your Companion Animal is Forever

Susan Becker, Golden, Colorado USA

Custom Animal Portraits

FYI Copyright Information

 While purchaser obtains and owns the tangible work of art, the artist retains legal ownership of the image.
Copyright © is the legal right that artists have to determine how their works are used or reproduced, which gives the artist exclusive rights to their image, including the right to reproduce it and make derivative works from it.

Should you wish to copy, print, reproduce or use my images in any way, I’d be delighted, but remember that each one is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used in any form without written consent from me.  Here’s my email.

Note cards, matted prints and giclees (gee-clays are fine art reproductions) are available on this website and at Fine Art America.

 Photography Tips

You’ll need patience, kindness, luck, a willingness to look stupid and perhaps a hot dog.

Composition and Perspective  -  Close up shots result in an intimate and emotional portrait. Fill the frame with your pet.  Great images come from taking the photo at eye level, preferably showing an eye or two.  Photographing from above or below creates a certain distortion that can be fun, depending on your mood. See below. Experiment by turning your subject at an angle into the camera so that she/ he becomes more three dimensional and life-like. Lots of motion can blur a photo so think about your pet quietly focused or at rest (unless motion is what you want to convey).

Lighting -  Natural lighting is best, in solid shade or when the sun is low. Use a flash with caution.

Emotion - What feelings would you like your photo to portray?  Try to capture a sense of humor, favorite expression, a head tilt or a particular stance you love.  Photograph your pet’s overwhelming love for you, showing all that personality you cherish so.  Snap your pet doing something that reminds you of who they are and what they do as this will melt your heart forever.

Study animal photos in books, magazines or on line to see what perspective and emotion attracts you.

Fun and Patience - Making photography into a game with an enormous amount of patience will likely yield best results (and your buddy will enjoy it too). Try holding a special treat or toy near your camera lens and don’t be afraid to take a lot of pictures.  Having trouble?  Back off and see what your pet wants to do and they just might have the best idea of all.

Finally, if it’s your favorite photo of your pet, it’ll be perfect!  Your photo(s) will be returned.

Locate or Create Your Ideal Photo

Mail or email your favorite photo(s) to me. It’s very important to choose your most favorite pet expression(s), stance(s) and gestures(s) that show the soul and personality you are in love with and wish to cherish into the future.  See photography tips below.

Whenever possible, I love to meet the animals I paint. Photo shoots can be arranged in the Denver area (included in your portrait fee).

My goal is to create the best painting possible for you. It will be my artistic interpretation, not just a copy of your photo. Once I study your photo(s), I can suggest a format,  (rectangular or square), and then you choose your canvas size. Think about where you’d like to display your painting and what kind of impact you’d like it to make. Then take measurements of this area. 

Varnish will protect your original oil painting and even heighten its colors, giving it an even sheen over the surface.  Allowing at least six months for these oils to completely chemically oxidize (dry), return your painting to me at that time if desired.  Varnishing is included in your purchase.  Should it not be practical to return your painting to me, a local, reputable artist can varnish for you.

 Pencil or Charcoal Portraits

11 x 14          $150
18 x 24          $300

Oil Portraits

11 x 14           $325
14” square      $375
16” square      $425
16 x 20           $475
18” square      $475
20” square      $550
24” square      $650
24 x 36           $750
30” square      $750
30 x 40           $950
36” square      $975
36 x 48         $1300

Any size canvas can be arranged.  Above are some suggestions. Fee includes one animal per canvas as it is the interpretive work on the canvas (not the canvas itself) that requires creativity, time and labor.
Artistic work for each added animal per canvas is 75% of fee above.

Several Note Cards with your portrait image are included in your purchase. Framing is unnecessary (unless desired) as canvases have wrap around painted edges which provide a clean and contemporary feel.  You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity and your canvas is signed in my hand.

Turn around time varies but is normally 4-6 weeks. Two week rush delivery possible.  Artist owns all rights to image(s).

Your portrait purchase will support Animal Advocacy organizations.